Puberty in girls is the time when their bodies start to change as they enter womanhood. It could take several years, and it usually starts from the age of 9 and ends around the age of 17. During this stage, their body begins to grow faster, and the period of the growth spurt would depend on different factors (with genetics being a key factor).

Some girls would experience a painful sensation in their legs and arms as their bones grow faster than the muscles can stretch to keep up with the growth. During puberty in girls, their breasts start to change in terms of size and shape, which could happen either slowly or quickly. One breast may grow faster than the other, which gives a feeling of soreness. The hips will begin to widen as well.

The clitoris will also grow a little. The inner lips of the vulva will stick out from the outer lips, wherein some could be equal in size and shape on both sides, and the appearance may vary as well. This becomes a sensitive area of the body, and will swell when the individual becomes aroused. Pubic hair will begin to grow under the arms and in the area surrounding the vulva, and finer hair starts to show on the arms and legs.

This is also the time when they start developing pimples (or acne). This is very common in females as well as in males during this stage. Pimples are quite easy to deal with given the right kind of remedies as advised by a dermatologist.

At some point during puberty in girls, they will begin to get their period which is a monthly cycle that their bodies go through during their reproductive years. Mensturation is usually tougher to deal with during the first few days, wherein they normally get cramps before or during their periods. Before the cycle starts, they would also experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS), a temporary state wherein they are likely to feel irritable, swollen, weak and other physical sensations.